Get Natural-Looking White Fillings

Turning back time as a way to improve your self-confidence is becoming more affordable and more available from cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetic dentists than ever before.

For example, in past decades, one of the only ways to correct fine lines around your eyes was to have a facelift procedure. But now, with the advancements made in dermal fillers, the lines that surround your eyes can be corrected in one office visit.


The Comparison Carries into Cosmetic Dentistry

Similarly, more people are discovering that the replacement of old-fashioned metal fillings in their teeth can easily be replaced with more natural-looking white fillings as a way to decrease years from their appearance.

As one of Boca Raton’s leading family and cosmetic dentists, we hope this article will provide you with the information you need to appreciate better how white tooth fillings in Florida can improve not only your smile – but your quality of life, as well! 

Some Basic Information About the Difference Between a Silver Filling and a White Filling Near You

Both types of filling materials will perform the same dental purpose of repairing a tooth – or multiple teeth – that have been damaged either by decay or some form of trauma.
So, from that regard, you should feel comfortable choosing either material.

The key difference comes down to the type of material that’s used as the dental filling material. 

Metal vs White: You Make the Decision

Metal or silver fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, have been used for decades because of the low-cost of the material, as well as the functional durability they provide.

But not everyone wants to have a mouth full of metal.

This is evidenced not only in the increasing number of people choosing clear dental aligners such as Invisalign® from Smiles of Boca over traditional metal braces but also by the number of patients who are choosing white composite fillings in Florida.

Choosing to make self-improvements is a very personal decision, and thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, no one except you and your dentist will ever have to know about the goals that you are working towards to become a more confident version of yourself. 

Are You a Candidate for White Fillings?

Although it will require a dental exam from a dentist near you such as Smiles of Boca to fully determine whether or not you are a candidate for white fillings, most patients are happy to find that they’re able to receive treatment during their consultation appointment.

It should be noted that if there is any decay or other compromised integrity to the tooth that you’d like to receive the white filling, treatment for those concerns will have to take priority over a cosmetic tooth-colored filling.

But if you’ve stayed current on your dental exams and teeth cleaning appointments, you can easily make an appointment for a white filling without concern about other dental work needing to be performed beforehand.

And if you’re wondering about the cost difference between the two types of dental filling material, this is something that will also need to be addressed on an individual basis since any type of dental restoration is based on multiple and individualized factors. 

What You Should Know about the Popularity of White Fillings

Due to the overwhelming popularity of white fillings, many dental offices which are focused on advanced dentistry – such as we are here at Smiles of Boca – do not even offer old-school silver fillings to their patients.

In our experience, not only are metal fillings less aesthetically attractive from a patient perspective, but they also open the door for more catastrophic failure than the newer tooth-colored, resin-based dental material used in white fillings.

Asking a dentist who is committed to only providing the latest technology and materials to their patients during their smile restoration to use an old-fashioned material such as metal is akin to walking into a car dealership and asking if the new models come with a cassette recorder.

Rather than living in the past, choosing instead to embrace the future of dental expertise with the advanced cosmetic dental materials that are being used in modern dentistry.

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