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Fixed Bridge over Dental Implants: a comprehensive guide

The loss of natural teeth is a condition affecting many people ages 45 and over, with an estimated 30percent of adults in this demographic living with either partial or complete toothlessness. But advancesin dental implant reconstruction technologies are making it easier than ever for those suffering fromchronic tooth loss to regain oral function and aesthetically pleasing and confident smiles. Full mouthreconstruction using dental implants is one innovative solution that changes lives by replacing a full setof missing teeth with durable prosthetic implants fused to the jawbone

What is a Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction?

Simply put, a full mouth implant reconstruction is the comprehensive process of replacing all missing,failing, or unhealthy teeth with surgicallyplaced dental implant posts and custom prosthetic teeth.Unlike more common treatments like removable dentures or single tooth implants to replace one orseveral lost teeth, full mouth reconstruction employs implant placement in the upper, lower, or botharches to rehabilitate persons who are completely or nearly edentulous where most or all original teethare missing. The full mouth reconstruction process begins with precise surgical placement of 4 to 8 tinytitanium anchor posts, called fixtures, within the jawbone of the upper or lower dental arch of thepatient. Once integrated with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration, these uniquelycustomized posts provide the structural foundation to securely adhere a replacement prosthetic toothor fullarch of teeth precisely matched to the individual patient’s oral dimensions and characteristics.The prosthetic teeth, typically composed of ceramic or zirconia for optimal appearance and longevity,are expertly designed to restore complete oral function and confidence for the implant recipient withservice lives of 20 years or more with proper home and clinical care over time

The benefits of a full mouth implant reconstruction

Unlike conventional dentures or partial tooth replacement, full mouth reconstruction with dentalimplants aims to provide complete and permanent tooth functionality without awkward removableappliances susceptible to slippage and bone erosion over time. The strategic implant positioning andintegration with the jawbone offers superior stability and support for chewing and biting force. This alsoprevents the gradual bone loss associated with dentures that can alter facial aesthetics. Full implantsalso minimize invasive molding and adjustment procedures needed for less reliable tooth replacementoptions that utilize adjacent teeth or gum ridges for support. Furthermore, the customized nature of fullmouth restorations crafted to precisely fit each patient’smouth offers more natural appearance,comfort, and confidence for recipients to speak freely, enunciate, smile openly, and engage sociallywithout self-consciousness about tooth loss and ill-fitting dentures. With success rates exceeding 95%over a 20+ year lifespan with proper home and clinical care, full mouth reconstruction delivers anenhanced quality of life through reliable mastication, nutrition, and positive psychological outlook

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The process of getting a full mouth implant rec onstruction

The innovative full mouth implant reconstruction procedure aims to permanently replace a full upperand/or lower arch of missing or failing teeth with non-removable, implant-secured prosthetic teeth forcomplete oral rehabilitation. Through coordinated surgical, prosthetic, and technical expertise acrossthree phases of treatment, patients suffering the physical and emotional effects of severe or completetooth loss can regain normal chewing capacity along with renewed confidence and quality of life. Thefull mouth reconstruction process comprises three main stages

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Implant Placement

The first step in full mouth reconstruction involves precise surgical implant placement. Under localanesthesia, small titanium implant posts are strategically positioned in the jawbone of the edentulousdental arch(es). The implant fixture positions are determined in part by a pre-surgical 3D radiographallowing implants to be positioned for optimal cosmetic results and masticatory function. During a 3-to-6-month process of osseointegration, the implants durably fuse to the recipient’sjawbone, forming asecure base to receive the prosthetic teeth

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Impression or Scan

Once the implants have successfully fused with the jawbone, the second phase involves taking dentalimpressions or scans capturing the precise shape and dimensions of the upper and/or lower implantarch(es). The dental implant lab uses innovative CAD design software to craft a customized implant-supported full arch prosthesis that replaces the entire upper or lower set of missing teeth

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Delivery of final prosthesis

After approximately 2-4 weeks, thefinal full mouth restoration is ready for delivery. This involvessecurely attaching the full arch prosthesis onto the recipient’s dental implants. Adjustments will finetune the bite and ensure proper functioning for chewing, speech, and confidence in their renewedsmile

Patients can expect some mild swelling, tenderness, and potentially minor bleeding or discomfort for afew days as the mouth adjusts to the new implants and arch restoration. However, dramaticimprovements in oralfunction, chewing capability, speech clarity, and smile aesthetics are commonlynoted from day one post-delivery

Implant Reconstruction vs. Full Dentures

Unlike traditional fulldentures that utilize a removable plastic or acrylic appliance to replace a completeset of lost teeth, full mouth implant reconstruction provides a fixed, non-removable set of replacementteeth secured firmly in the jawbone for greater stability and better simulation of natural teeth. Fulldentures rely on the resilience of soft gingival tissues to hold them in place, often resulting in slippage,lesions, and progressive bone loss that alters facial structure over time. In contrast, strategically placedoral implants fuse with the jawbone (osseointegrate) in full mouth reconstruction, providing sturdyanchors to permanently support fixed bridgework or attachable prosthetic teeth replacement. Thisdelivers superior bite force, chewing capacity, and often marked improvements in speech clarity andconfidence for implant patients. Denture wearers frequently use messy dental adhesives to bond slidingdentures, avoid harder foods, and feel socially self-conscious about appliance visibility, slippage inpublic, anddeteriorating facial aesthetics over decades of bone erosion and remodeling. Properlydesigned full mouth restorations with zirconia or custom milled ceramic teeth connected to integratedjawbone implants aim to avoid these shortcomings for those suitablecandidates who can undergoimplant procedures and commit to vigilant long-term oral hygiene and preventative maintenance

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The cost of a bridge over implants

Given thesizable elderly demographic and retiree population, and withsought after dentists specializedindentalrehabilitation and adept at complex cases, Boca Raton has become a global destination for fullmouth dental implant reconstruction. The costs ultimately come at a premium reflective of the area’sexceptionally high standards and expertise. All facets considered including the surgical placement of 4-8implants per dental arch, laboratory fabrication of full arch fixed bridges and prostheses, temporary andfinal delivery appointments, and post-op adjustments, recipients can anticipate investing between$40,000 to as much as $80,000 out-of-pocket for the full mouth process. Factoring the demographicsand needs of Boca residents, many practices offer attractive financing options including potentiallysubsidized rates, extended payment plans, and bundled pricing with rebates for simultaneous upper and lower arch treatment. While costs exceed averages nationwide, the level of quality, experience, andsupport centered around customizedoral rehabilitation makeBoca raton and the South Florida area ingeneral,a hub for those willing to invest inoptimal, lasting implant functionality and renewedconfidence in their smile.

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With over 22 years of advanceddental implant and restorativeexperience, Dr. Rafael Morales stands atthe forefront of rehabilitating smile aesthetics and confidence via breakthrough full mouth implantprotocols. Dr. Morales brings an artist’s eye to recreate natural aesthetics paired with an engineer’smeticulous attention to biomechanics for long term viability. Dr. Morales leverages both provenmethodologies and innovative technologies like 3D-printed interim prosthetics and advanced CT-guidedsurgicalplanning and guide stents for minimally invasive implant placement accuracy. Dr. Morales’emphasis on patient education, comfort, and customized care from consultation through final deliveryhas earned him high praise and ratings from patients. For those seeking elite-level skill applied with apersonal touch, Dr. Rafael Morales stands poised to deliver renewed oral form and function as fewothers can provide

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Before and After

Before and After: Total Transformation through Full Mouth Reconstruction

Embark on a journey of comprehensive dental renewal with a full mouth reconstruction. Before, dealing with multiple dental issues may have impacted your oral health and confidence. After undergoing a full mouth reconstruction, witness a complete transformation as a tailored treatment plan addresses various concerns, including missing teeth, bite irregularities, and damaged surfaces. The ‘before’ might have involved discomfort and a compromised smile, but the ‘after’ showcases a harmonious and fully revitalized oral structure, restoring both function and aesthetics for a confident and radiant new you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixed Bridges over implants

How long does full mouth implant treatment take?

The total treatment timeline is typically 4-8 months for the surgical placement, bone integration,prosthetic design, and final restoration delivery.

Do dental implants look like natural teeth?

Custom milled or3D-printed based on scans of your mouth, implants are fabricated to exactly matchsurrounding teeth for seamless natural aesthetics.

Can implants replace all my missing teeth?

If adequate bone remains for support, candidates missing all or nearly all teeth can receive full archimplant restorations.

Will implant treatment for full mouth restoration be painful?

With numbing and sedation during surgery and gradualhealing, most patients experience only mildpost-op discomfort easily managed with medication.

How do I clean and care for full mouth implants?

Similar to natural teeth daily brushing and flossing with occasionalprofessional cleanings will maintainthe implants and prosthetic teeth

How do I know if I'm a candidate for full mouth implants?

A comprehensive oral and radiographic dental exam assessing bone density, oralhealth, and otherfactors determines candidacy along with your medical history

Am I too old for full mouth implant placement?

Dental implants can successfully be placed in patients of all ages, provided you have adequate bonedensity and oral health to support the implants.

How successful and durable are full mouth dental implants?

Over 95% of full mouth implants successfully osseointegrateand function well for over 20 years withadequate care and maintenance

Can implants fix my speech problems from missing teeth?

Dental insurance may offset some costs, but most recipients pay a percentage based on policy limits forimplants as a “top-tier” treatment.

Will insurance cover the costs of my full mouth restoration?

Yes, fixed bridges over dental implants are relatively easy to clean and maintain.Regular brushing andflossing, along with routine dental check-ups, are usually sufficient to keep the bridge and surroundingarea in optimal condition. Additionally, proper oral hygiene contributes to the long-term success anddurability of the implant-supported bridge

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