Clear Retainers

We all want to have a perfect and beautiful smile, it is the first part thing people notice when they are in front of us, and what better way to preserve and protect our teeth than with clear retainers.

Great dental health thanks to clear retainers

The success of any orthodontic treatment in the long term relies on wearing your retainers. The use of retainers is necessary and essential to ensure that teeth continue to have the proper alignment and shape accomplished after treatment.

At Smiles of Boca we want you to take care of your dental health and we can tell you more about clear retainers, what they are, the benefits, how long they should be used and how to take care of them.

What are clear retainers?

When finishing orthodontic treatment, with time teeth will tend to return to their original position, given that during the treatment we have forced teeth to be in the correct position. Which is why after treatment is completed you should wear your clear retainers to ensure your results long term.

These retainers have the function of keeping the teeth aligned in the desired position as a result of orthodontics. The clear retainers are made of thermoformed acetate, and the initial step to get yours is to have a scan of your teeth, and then the laboratory to manufacture your clear retainer according to the mold of your teeth.

Benefits of using clear retainers


We always ensure that our patients feel safe and determined that what we want to achieve first is proper dental health and that they are finally satisfied with their smile. The benefits of clear retainers are many, not only after treatment ensures a beautiful smile.

Among the most immediate benefits we can offer you with clear retainers we have that are easy to remove and put, are completely transparent, people will not notice that you wear them, another important benefit is that you should not attend regular checks with the dentist because they do not change shape and maintain the position of the teeth and finally the clear retainers adhere completely to your teeth inside and out and also from one side to another, And these are not all the advantages, when you finish the treatment you will realize by yourself of the incredible results.

Why choose us for clear retainers?

Why choose us for clear retainers?

If you have an orthodontic treatment and you are about to finish the process or just finish one, do not waste more time and come to Smile Of Boca and quote your clear retainers, are the perfect treatment to continue having the results of your orthodontics.

Come closer, our dental care experts will be proud to assist you and give you all the necessary information to continue with your treatment, do not lose the results, achieving aligned and beautiful teeth is a process that takes time but in the end you will be completely satisfied with the results.

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