Cosmetic dental bonding

People always need to know that just as there are very complex dental treatments, there are also some very effective and not complicated cosmetic dental bonding. It is fast, takes care of most of the dental structure and best of all is with a single visit the treatment is complete.

Cosmetic teeth bonding is the best option


Many times we go through embarrassing situations thanks to chipped or discoloured teeth, this can make us not smile when we are in a meeting with several people. Fortunately, there are treatments to prevent these situations, this in order to restore the natural appearance of teeth, in this section we will talk about cosmetic dental bonding, an innovative practice in which the dentist will put a resin the colour of your teeth.


What is cosmetic dental bonding?


Cosmetic dental bonding is the most effective and simple treatment when giving a new look to our smile. The procedure consists of placing resins of the colour of the teeth with the help of adhesives or light of high intensity that produces that the resin adheres to the tooth in a fixed way and in this way restores the size, the shape and colour of the teeth to finally be able to wear a completely different and renewed smile.

Benefits of using cosmetic tooth bonding


With cosmetic dental bonding treatment you can solve a number of problems that prevent you from smiling in front of other people. Among the main benefits we find that it modifies the shape of the teeth, closes the spaces between the teeth, the treatment can rebuild a chipped or cracked tooth, can also improve the appearance of a discoloured tooth, protects exposed areas of teeth due to gum receding, adding material or resin to make teeth look longer and look better. Cosmetic bonding cost Between $100 And $400 Per Tooth. 


Why choose us for cosmetic dental bonding

Why choose us for cosmetic dental bonding


If you are thinking ” cosmetic bonding near me”, the asnwer of “cosmetic dental bonding near me” you find it in the smile of boca raton, you can find the best prices for this treatment. If you are close to us, come and make the decision to start with a great dental treatment that in the long term the results obtained will be incredible, all our patients can testify to the positive effects after starting with cosmetic dental bonding. Don’t think twice, your smile will thank you.

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