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Fixed dental Implant Bridges: a comprehensive guide

A fixed bridge is a dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth by anchoring artificialteeth to dental implants. This type of bridge provides a seamless, natural-looking solution for areas ofyour mouth where teeth are missing, allowing youto restore your smile’s function and aestheticswithout impacting neighboring healthy teeth. At Smiles of Boca, Dr. Morales utilizes advancedtechniques including digital imaging and implant placement guides to precisely plan out your customimplant-supported bridge.  Compared to alternatives like removable partial dentures, a fixed bridge isthe gold standard for replacing multiple missing teeth. If you have a gap in your smile or are looking toreplace old bridge work, schedule a consultation at our BocaRaton office to see if you could benefitfrom this innovative tooth replacement solution

What is a Fixed dental Implant Bridges?

A fixed bridge over implants is a dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth by anchoringartificial teeth to dental implants placed in the jawbone. The implants act like tooth roots, fusingsecurely to the bone to provide a sturdy foundation. Custom-made replacement teeth are attached toextensions called abutments that are connected to the implants. This creates an implant-supportedbridge to seamlessly fill in any gaps in the smile line. Unlike a traditional bridge, a fixed bridge overimplants does not rely on or alter surrounding healthy teeth for support. The implants bear the pressureof biting and chewing, while the bridgework blends naturally with natural teeth. This makes a fixedbridge anchored to dental implants an exceptional long-term solution for replacing multiple missingteeth. With proper care, an implant-supported bridge can last for decades without complications.

The advantages of a Fixed dental Implant Bridge

A fixed bridge over dental implants offers immense benefits for patients missing one or multiple teeth.Unlike a removable partial denture, an implant-supported bridge is permanently secured for safety,convenience and comfort. There’s no need to remove itdaily or fret it may slip out while laughing ordining. Implant bridges also don’t rely on neighboring teeth or use clasps like removable options, preventing further tooth decay or gum recession. With Dr. Rafael Morales’ expert techniques, yourcustom fixed bridge will fit seamlessly without uncomfortable rubbing and match your natural tooth’scolor. The titanium implants integrate with your jawbone for unshakeable stability that distributes bitingpressure optimally. This prevents bone loss over time compared to alternatives. You’ll regain fullchewing capacity. An implant bridge also safeguards your facial structure and bright, confident smile.Maintenance is easy with proper flossing and brushing. While the monetary investment may be greater,your implant-secured bridge restoration can serve you well for 20+ years when cared for. Forfunctionality and comfort, fixed bridges over implants truly deliver total satisfaction

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The process of getting a Fixed dental Implant Bridge

Getting implant-supported bridges to replace missing teeth involves a sophisticated and meticulousprocess, incorporating the surgical placement of dental implants and the creation of custom-craftedbridgework for a remarkably natural and long-lasting smile restoration. This comprehensive process canbe summarized in three key steps:

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Implant Placement

We use 3D imaging and planning to precisely map out where implants will be placed. During a shortsurgery, small titanium implants will be embedded in the jawbone at the sites of your missing teeth.Over several weeks the implants fuse securely to the jawbone through osseointegration

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Impression or Scan

Once your implants have completely fused to the jawbone, a 3D digital image of your teeth and implantswill be made with the use of an intraoral scanning device. This will be sent to the lab for the fabricationof your fixed bridge over implants.

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During this visit, the dentist installs the bridge and abutment fixture to ensure a proper fit, appearance,and bite. Minor adjustments, if needed, are made at this point. Once everything is deemed satisfactory,the bridge is permanently affixed to the implant—either through cementation or by securing it with ascrew onto the abutment—finalizing the restoration process

Immediately after the fixed bridge over implants is placed, patientscan anticipate a period ofadjustment as they become accustomed to the new restoration. Sensations may feel different initially,but as the mouth adapts, the bridge provides enhanced stability, comfort, and a natural appearance,restoring confidence in both function and aesthetics

Fixed dental Implant Bridges vs. Partial Dentures

When deciding between a fixed bridge over implants and a partial removable denture, key distinctionsemerge. A fixedbridge, firmly anchored to dental implants, provides a permanent and stable solution,eliminating concerns about daily removal or potential slippage during activities like laughing or dining.Unlike partial removable dentures, implant-supported bridges donot rely on neighboring teeth or utilizeclasps, preventing additional issues like tooth decay or gum recession. In contrast, partial removabledentures offer a more economical option but can be less stable, potentially affecting speech andcomfort. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and the desirefor a long-lasting, secure solution versus a more temporary and removable alternative.

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The cost of Fixed dental Implant Bridges

The cost of getting a fixed bridge over implants can vary based on several factors. Factors such as thenumber of implants needed, the number of missing teeth being replaced, the materials used for thebridge, and the complexity of theprocedure all contribute to the overall cost. Additionally, thegeographic location and the expertise of the dental professional performing the procedure can influencethe final expense. It’s recommended to schedule a consultation with a qualified dentist, such as Dr.Rafael Morales at Smiles of Boca, to assess your specific needs and provide a personalized treatmentplan, including a detailed cost estimate. While implant-supported bridges may involve a higher upfrontinvestment compared to some alternatives, their long-term benefits in terms of stability, aesthetics, andoral health can make them a worthwhile and lasting investment

Transform Your Smile, Elevate Your Confidence: Discover the Permanence of Fixed dental Implant Bridges at Smiles of Boca!


Seamless Smile Restoration: Experience the transformation of your smile with our expertly craftedbridges over implants.Achieve a natural look and feel that seamlessly integrates with your existingteeth, providing a confident and aesthetically pleasing result


Permanent Stability and Comfort: Say goodbye to removable dentures and hello to a permanentsolution. Our implant-supported bridges offer unparalleled stability, ensuring your new teeth stay securely in place. Enjoy the comfort of a restoration that feels just like natural teeth, without the worryof slippage or discomfort.


Long-Term Oral Health Investment: Invest in your oral health with a long-lasting solution. Implant-supported bridges not only restore your smile but also contribute to preserving your overall oral health.With proper care, these bridges can last 20 years or more, making them a durable and cost-effectivechoice for a confident and functional smile. Schedule your appointment today for a personalizedconsultation with Dr. Rafael Morales at Smiles of Boca and take the first step toward a brighter, moresecure future for your smile

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Choose Excellence with Smiles of Boca

Choosing Dr. Rafael Morales at Smiles of Boca for your implant-supportedbridges is an assurance ofunparalleled expertise, personalized care, and a commitment to transforming your smile with precisionand artistry. Dr. Morales brings a wealth of experience in implant dentistry, ensuring that each patientreceives individualized attention and the highest standard of care. His meticulous approach, coupledwith state-of-the-art technology, guarantees optimal results in crafting bridges that seamlessly blendwith your natural teeth. Beyond technical proficiency, Dr. Morales prioritizes patient comfort andsatisfaction, fostering a trusting and supportive environment. At Smiles of Boca, your journey to aconfident, permanent smile is guided by a dental professional dedicated to excellence, making us thepremier choice for implant-supported bridges in Boca Raton.

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Before and After

Before and After: Transformative Fixed Bridge Dental Solutions

Experience a dental metamorphosis with fixed bridge solutions. Before, living with the challenges of missing teeth may have impacted your daily life and self-esteem. After the fixed bridge procedure, witness a remarkable change as a custom-crafted bridge seamlessly replaces the gap, restoring not just your smile but also the functionality of your bite. The ‘before’ might have involved discomfort and aesthetic concerns, but the ‘after’ reveals a confident and fully restored dental structure, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with renewed assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixed Bridges over implants

How long do implant bridges last

With proper care and maintenance, implant bridges can last over 20 years, and often longer. Theimplants fuse to bone to create a incredibly stable restoration

Do bridges over implants feel natural?

Custom fabricated bridges over implants fit seamlessly without rubbing or irritating cheeks and gums.They feel and function just like natural teeth

Are implant bridges removable like dentures?

No. Bridges are permanently securedto the dental implants for safety, comfort and convenience. Thereis no need to remove them

Can implant bridges be repaired if damaged?

Yes. Unlike traditional bridges on natural teeth, implant bridges can often berepaired by replacing theartificial teeth only if fractured or chipped

How long is the treatment process?

The process can take about 6-12 months to complete all surgical, healing, and prosthetic bridgeplacement phases. Patience yields wonderful long term benefits

Does getting an implant bridge involve bone grafts?

Only if your jawbone density is inadequate. Dr. Morales will determine if grafts are needed during initial3D examinations and planning.

Do I need to undergo sinus lifts for upper bridges

In some casesyes, to provide sufficient bone mass for top arch implant integration. Our periodontist canperform this common procedure

Will I need multiple procedures?

Typically 1-2 surgeries are required. The rebuilding phaserequires 3-6 short visits. We combine steps tomaximize efficiency whenever possible.

Am I too old for this advanced procedure of implant bridge?

There is no absolute age cut-off. With decenthealth and sufficient jawbone density, many elderlypatients pursue implant bridges quite successfully. Schedule a consultation.

Are fixed bridges over dental implants easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, fixed bridgesover dental implants are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Regular brushing andflossing, along with routine dental check-ups, are usually sufficient to keep the bridge and surroundingarea in optimal condition. Additionally, proper oral hygiene contributes to the long-term success anddurability of the implant-supported bridge

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