Invisalign express

no more long waiting to have the smile you have been working for, Invisalign express is for you.

No more time wasted 

If you are a lover of the beauty of your smile, but for some reason after a long time your teeth have moved slightly.

It is totally normal, however you are not willing to pass again for the same long and painful treatment, not really aesthetic with your mouth, well invisalign family has been thinking of this and has created a solution and treatment just for you.

With Invisalign Express we can help you solve the mildest dental alignment problems in record time.

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What is Invisalign express? 


Express invisalign is the shortest treatment in the family of invisible orthodontics.

With this procedure we can restore aesthetics to your smile in a really short time and without having to use those traditional treatments that involve wires and other painful stuff.

All the advantages of invisible orthodontics, as well as cutting-edge technology, in a comfortable, compact and effective treatment.

The invisible express offers you all the advantages of invisible orthodontics, since it is made with the same technology. Aligners help us to modify the position of your teeth, maintaining dental functionality, improving oral hygiene during the procedure and optimizing aesthetics at the end of the treatment.

tooth movements - traditional braces

Benefits using Invisalign express


  • The procedure promises perfect results in shorter time frames than with other types of orthodontic treatment , Speed is Invisalign express focus. 


  • It is an anticipated treatment.  But why? Well we can design the whole procedure from beginning to end, guaranteeing you the best results.


Treatments range: Invisalign express cost range from $1,800 to $3,500.

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Why choose us for Invisalign express?

Why choose us for Invisalign express?

In the smile of boca raton we offer  people a quality solution adapted to their needs. 

With the aim of achieving healthy and beautiful smiles,in addition you can find the best prices for this treatment.

If you are close to us, come and make the decision to start with a great dental treatment. Don’t think twice, your smile will thank you.

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