Teeth in a day

Everything now, teeth in a day can make your life much easier.

If you are not one of those people who are a fan of dental procedures, and time is the most important thing for you, Teeth in a day process has been made for you.

Teeth in a day is perfect for those who are looking to restore multiple teeth at once. The process is minimally invasive, allowing an entire set of teeth to be replaced without repeat surgery. 

Teeth in a day program will help you get rid of your dentures and give you permanent, natural teeth.

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What is teeth in a day 

Teeth-In-A-Day facilitates extraction patients to place implants on the same day and have immediate reconstruction.

This has several advantages: reducing treatment time, avoiding bone loss around the extraction socket, and eliminating time without teeth.

Benefits of teeth in a day 

Patients who receive Teeth-In-A-Day find that they have: 

  • Immediately grow new teeth
  • No need to wait for healing
  • No need for temporary dentures 
  • Quick procedure 
  • Stable and secure


Teeth in a day cost 

Teeth in a day cost can range from $3,000 to $4,500 for a single implant and $34,000 for a single arch. Prices reflect implant and porcelain crown installation in one day.

Why choose us for teeth in a day?

Why choose us for teeth in a day?

Nobody wants to suffer from dental diseases and we all know how uncomfortable it is to have problems in our mouth when eating or at any time in our life.
However, talking about problems or minor dental diseases such as tooth decay.
The best option is to go to Smile Of Boca. We offer people a quality solution adapted to their needs, with the aim of achieving healthy and beautiful smiles.
You can find the best prices for this treatment,if you are close to us, come and make the decision to start with teeth in a day near me.
Don’t think twice, your smile will thank you!


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