Why do my teeth look more yellow after whitening strips?

why do my teeth look more yellow after whitening strips?

If we ask people what is the first thing they notice when they look at us, many will say our eyes, but in reality many people notice your teeth. That is why having a radiant smile with the help of teeth whitening is a great way to improve your smile.

Having proper dental cleanings is important to maintain healthy teeth, however, dental staining is a problem that arises in our mouth and very little we can do to avoid it. Eating certain foods and other factors can cause teeth to turn yellow and sometimes even after teeth whitening. Although with the help of a specialist we can have a radiant smile to show others. Keep reading to know why teeth may look yellower after whitening and how to avoid it.

What is teeth whitening?

For starters, the first thing we need to explain is what teeth whitening is, and how it works to obtain the results we want. Teeth whitening is a procedure that is responsible for clarifying the yellow tone of the teeth or removing some of the stains that appear on the teeth over time, and this is achieved thanks to a whitening gel that acts directly on the teeth. The procedure is simple, painless and minimally invasive. The shade of the teeth depends on both the patient’s preference and some genetic conditions. Although whitening strips are a simple procedure that can be performed at home, it is important to follow the advice of a professional. This also avoids future complications that, although unlikely, can affect the health of your mouth.

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Types of teeth whitening

There are several types of teeth whitening on the market, the decision depends exclusively on the patient. One of the most recommended methods is the treatment performed by a dentist in your office, the advantage will always be the immediate support that the specialist has over all your concerns.

Another popular treatment is the take-home trays. It consists of using clear trays on your teeth for about 30 minutes for 15 days, of course this treatment should also be supervised by a professional.

Finally, the treatment that many patients prefer are whitening strips. It is probably one of the most used and it causes little to no sensitivity.

Whitening strips

This procedure, as you know, is very simple and less expensive than going to the dentist. But of course since the results are not being closely supervised by a professional, some patients might find that their teeth look more yellow after whitening strips. The answer is simply because right after starting treatment, you should be more careful with your oral hygiene and the intake of certain foods or drinks, such as coffee, tea or soda, as well as consuming very spicy foods. Nicotine is another factor that you should avoid so that your teeth do not turn yellow during or after treatment.

Brushing your teeth is the best way to keep, not only your shinny teeth, but also to take care of your oral health. However, you should know that brushing your teeth immediately before using whitening strips can affect the contact of the whitening gel with your teeth. That is why there are many recommendations at this point: the most important thing is to discuss your options with a professional. Also remember that during treatment, a white diet is recommended for the best final results. And whitening should be done at least once a year to prolong your results.

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