Teeth after removing Lumineers

Having a glorious smile has been the most important thing for us since day one, producing the most beautiful smiles in the state and providing the best options for you and your pocket. One of the top options we have is Lumineers, which is currently an excellent option to improve how you present yourself to the world. It is a simple, safe and very effective procedure and not only helps the appearance of your mouth and teeth, it can also help to improve your mouth’s health. 

In Smiles of Boca Raton the most important thing after giving you the best care of your mouth and teeth, is that you are aware of the benefits, procedures and risks of each option we have for you. On this occasion we are going to discuss one of our top products: Lumineers in Smiles of Boca. 

What is Lumineers?

First, we have to know what exactly Lumineers are and how they differentiate from other types of dental veneers. Well, the main feature that Lumineers have is their dimension, it is really thin compared to other veneers, and this makes it easier for dentists to work with, in a less invasive way; this means that is not necessary to modify, polish, file or grind your teeth to be able to have Lumineers work on you.

How is the procedure of Lumineers?

If you are wondering how is the procedure or the process to place Lumineers, we can give you a quick and easy description of it; Basically, it involves putting a “cover” over your natural teeth to give them a better appearance: whiter, uniform and healthier. 

Do you still have more questions and want to know more about the risks of Lumineers? Lumineers, like any other dental procedure, has it’s risks and complications. However it is less likely to have any due to it’s little to no thickness. If by any reason you decide to remove your Lumineers, here we can discuss the procedure to do so, and possible consequences 

Reasons to remove Lumineers

There are many reasons to decide to remove you Lumineers, but which are the possible reasons to remove them?; One reason, but not too frequent, is not being satisfied with the result. Even though it is not frequent from our experience, we have had patients that come to our office with Lumineers completed many years ago and they just want them removed and to go back to their natural teeth. Or simply get them redone for a different look, shade or shape.


Teeth After Removing Lumineers

It is important for you to know what happens when removing your Lumineers; the first thing to know is what happens with our teeth after removing Lumineers? and if is possible to remove Lumineers without any other procedure needed?

The result of your teeth after removing Lumineers will depend on what was done to yur natural teeth before placing the Lumineers. As we mentioned before, most of the time there is no need for changing or grinding your natural teeth when we are placing Lumineers, so if this is your case, your teeth will be exactly the same as you remember them at the beginning, in other words, removing Lumineers, is to uncover the natural shape of your teeth. 

Yet, some dentist find the need to remove some of the tooth structure before placing Lumineers to be able to give you a natural smile, and although the process is less invasive than with traditional veneers, patients may find themselves experiencing some sensitivity when removing existing Lumineers. If you want to learn about other options, chek this out.

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