Is uncovering dental implants painful?

There are lots of doubts surrounding the question “Is uncovering dental implants painful?” but where can you find information about this?, well on this occasion Smile of Boca would love you guys to know all about it.

Before getting to the main question, it is important you get a quick view of all the process. To start, let’s check the general term dental implants, they are tooth roots or replacements for roots. Unlike tooth-supported bridges, dental implants have the advantage of improving oral health because they do not require modification of adjacent teeth

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Recovery and growing-in

After the initial procedure has been done, the recovery and growing-in stage begins, this stage can take between three to four months, in the course of this time, what happens is that the implant is covered under the mucous membrane and a fixed prosthetics removal can be placed there. While the healing and growing-in stage is in process, pain or swelling should not present.

Uncovering process

Uncovering process is when the implant is incorporated below the mucous membrane and we can reach and connect the oral cavity after the recovery and growing-in stage; It is done by local anesthesia, so responding to the main question “IS UNCOVERING DENTAL IMPLANTS PAINFUL?” the process won’t be painful; initially we eliminate a small screw sealed string, after this, the big one. That creates a liaison among the implant and dental restoration.

To take into account

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  • Bleeding after the procedure:

Some blood in your mouth after the procedure is totally normal, however it is important to be aware and keep track of it. No strong or hard activity for the next 2 days.

  • Pain after dental implants:

Discomfort is something you have to face after going through the process, it is recommended to start taking any medication recommended by the doctor before the anesthesia fades away. Remember not to drink alcohol while you are taking pain medication.

  • Swelling after the procedure:

Icing the area would help a lot for the first 24 hours; but we recommend not overdoing it, usually 7-10 minutes on and then 7-10 minutes off, for a period of 30 minutes. It is very important to NOT SMOKE while recovering.

  • Rinsing and cleaning after the procedure:

We do not advise our patients to clean the zone or rinse it during the first 24 hours. Following the 24 hours you can:
– Start with a gentle rinse with warm saltwater.
– On the third or fourth day star brushing the area very gently.

Following these indications will decrease the chance of infection.

  • Diet after the procedure:

– Drink lots of water
– Avoid drinking alcohol
– Eat soft food for the next two days

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