Dental implant dentures

Do you fantasize about a perfect smile, do not do it anymore, just do it right now, in an easy and fast way.

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Recent studies says that one of the first thing that people look at our faces is our smile, most of the people think that people look at us first are the eyes, but in fact many of them prefer to look at our smile since scientists claim that by smiling people can determine what kind of people we are, something more inclined towards the personal hygiene of each person. Dental treatments today like “dental implant dentures”, make life easier as we can properly correct damaged teeth, some oral disease or simply want to wear a perfect smile.

What is dental implant dentures

A dental implant is a sophisticated process that consists of a replacement tooth that mimics the entire tooth structure. Titanium “roots” insert tightly into the bone and support crowns, bridges or dentures. It looks, feels and acts like real teeth and with proper care can last a lifetime.

Dental implant dentures
Dental implant dentures

Benefits of using dental implant dentures

With the treatment of dental implants dentures there is not much to think about, the benefits and results in the medium and short term speak for themselves and patients who have gone through dental implants dentures recommend doing surgery, that in spite of the fact that after her a few days of rest are needed, in addition to maintaining a strict diet to guarantee the results of the procedure, they recommend 100% risk in the adventure of investing in a beautiful and perfect smile.

Why choose us for dental implant dentures

In Smile Of Boca You can schedule your appointment for expert dentists to review your teeth and start with dental implant dentures. If for some reason you have broken teeth, or cavities, one of your stained permanent teeth or a deformed tooth, approach Smile Of Boca and accept the challenge of having better dental health thanks to the treatment that in Smile of boca we offer for you.

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