Choosing the right dental insurance plan

Good dental health is not just about having fresh breath and pearly whites. The state of your teeth can actually help identify causal links to certain diseases and greatly impacts your overall well-being. Dental insurance is one of the most invaluable benefits offered by employers and works hand-in-hand with preventing some of the most acute and yet common oral health conditions. To better protect yourself and your family, you should focus on what is the best dental coverage for your particular situation. But how can you devise a plan that is suitable for you and your loved ones’ needs?

It is essential to understand that with different age groups come different oral health challenges and precautionary measures. Rafael Morales, DDS, the head of our practice at Smiles of Boca, firmly believes in treating dental issues according to every individual’s needs. When it comes to people between 20 and 39 years-old, or those with little to no dental problems, prevention is the most important factor you should take into consideration. Thus, a plan involving basic check-ups and cleanings, as well as patient education is your best option. If you’re dealing with young children, the best approach includes features that encourage kids to incorporate and learn to practice good oral health habits. If you and your spouse are expecting a new family member, you should take a look at plans that offer enhanced preventive benefits, as recent clinical studies confirm that pregnant women may benefit from additional dental cleanings. On the other hand, if you or your loved one is over 40 years-old, then you should focus on a dental plan that features restorative procedures, such as crowns, veneers, root canals or replacement fillings.

Nowadays, almost 30% of all adults aged 65 and older have lost all their teeth. As we get closer to retirement, chronic conditions become unavoidable for most of us. This is why for elderly family members, you should be on the lookout for plans that can help manage expenses involved with more complex conditions and procedures (i.e. dental implant coverage).

Most insurances have an annual dollar maximum, which is the highest amount of money paid toward the cost of dental care within a particular benefit period (generally January through December), as well as a deductible – a specific amount that you’re required to spend before the plan begins to cover your expenses. In order to receive the best possible care, you should look at insurances with higher annual maximums and lower deductibles.

To make the most out of your dental benefits, consider a few key-elements. The most important is looking for an in-network dentist. This type of practitioner accepts payments that are significantly lower than average. Moreover, there’s usually no waiting for reimbursement, as you pay only the amount which is billed to you by the dentist, and the dental office is reimbursed directly by the insurance company. Cost management, premiums, enhanced benefits and dental expertise are also essential features to consider.

As a customer, you must have reassurance that once you have signed on with a certain plan, your requirements and needs will be met. To check that this is the case, you can always verify with your preferred dentist if they accept a specific plan. If you live in Boca Raton or surrounding areas and you’re looking for a reliable dental provider for you and your family, make sure you pay us a visit or call us at (561)392-3970, will be happy to assist you in selecting the best dental plan for you and your family.

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