Considering Lumineers or Veneers but Wondering Which Option Is Better for You?

Are you considering lumineers or veneers but are wondering which options will be the best for your requirements? When you make a comparison between lumineers vs veneers you will want to understand the differences between the two before you decide which option is the best for your needs. You may consider I should be talking to the dentist near me to get a better understanding of both before arriving at a decision. Therefore, let us provide you some information which we are certain will prove helpful to you.

The Differences between Lumineers And Veneers

Dental veneers are in the form of thin shells that are placed over your teeth to cover chips, gaps, or stains.

Lumineers are a variety of veneers that are also helpful but you will need assistance from your dentist who can help you decide whether they are the right option for you.

What Is the Difference between Lumineers and Veneers?

Traditional veneers are generally about 0.5 MM thick and lumineers are thinner because they are just 0.3 MM. The difference in the thickness makes many patients and dentists prefer lumineers over veneers because they are easier to place on the teeth. However, because of the extra thinness than veneers, it may be difficult for lumineers to mask discolored teeth. You must discuss your options with the dentist in Boca Raton Florida who will be able to provide you lumineers for teeth in Boca Raton FL. However, you must also understand that if your teeth are heavily stained you may be a candidate for veneers as there may not be sufficient material to hide the stains.

Lumineers can cover the existing surface of the tooth making you observe that the tooth appears thicker. You may have difficulties cleaning your gum line exposing you to the higher risks of periodontitis. Your dentist will smooth your teeth if you decide you want to have traditional veneers for a better fit.

What Are the Costs Involved for Veneers or Lumineers?

Traditional veneers can cost you in the region of $ 500-$ 1900 per tooth and the prices for lumineers will be in the range of $ 800-$ 2000 per tooth. Many factors can determine how much you will be required to pay for dental veneers because they can be made from porcelain as well as composite resin materials. The factors affecting the price could also be the office location of the dentist you have chosen to visit and the number of veneers you have decided to have placed in your mouth. You may receive a discount from your dentist if you are getting more than a single veneer at a time. Therefore, it would make sense to ask for discounts from the dentist as it can result in significant savings.

Why You Should Choose Lumineers over Veneers?

As mentioned earlier lumineers are a variety of veneers that can prove helpful to you if you want to avoid the high costs associated with the latter. You will benefit from getting lumineers because they do not require the same level of preparations on the surface of the teeth as it is common with veneers. They are super thin and can quickly be bonded to the surface of the teeth. You may believe that lumineers may not provide you perfect results but you are recommended to ask for lumineers teeth before and after pictures from the dentist who will be happy to show them to you. The pictures should convince you that lumineers can also be a good option especially if your teeth do not have major imperfections.

Lumineers are an excellent option if they are placed correctly by an experienced dentist especially if you do not have major stains on your teeth. They can offer almost all the benefits of traditional dental veneers with the only difference being in the preparation and the outcome if the procedure is not conducted properly. For problems such as severe discoloration, diastema, chipped or cracked tooth you will find porcelain veneers a better option for you. However if you want to have more information about lumineers vs veneers it is suggested that you discuss the options with the dentist offering lumineers for teeth in Boca Raton, FL.

You will need to make an informed decision before you decide on any one of the options between lumineers or veneers after considering all factors including the costs involved for the placements. However, you can rest assured both these options will improve the appearance of your teeth by hiding the discoloration in the best manner possible.