Can you get Invisalign if you grind your teeth?

Can you get Invisalign if you grind your teeth?

The best treatment developed to correct your bite is currently the Invisalign treatment.

The Invisalign treatment uses transparent and removable aligners that are placed on your teeth. With the use of a 3D scan the design of these aligners is created especially for your needs.

These aligners are changed every one to two weeks and should be worn most of the day for better results, at least 20 hours a day.

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Can I use Invisalign if I grind my teeth?

Grinding your teeth during sleep is not something unimportant and we must pay attention to it.

Grinding your teeth can damage them, perhaps not in one or two days, but in the long run it causes damage that cannot be recovered naturally, this condition is produced for various reasons.

Do you want to know if you can use Invisalign if you grind your teeth? I have good news for you, the answer is yes, in fact it helps you correct the causes of teeth grinding.

If you grind your teeth and need to correct your bite, there is no doubt that the Invisalign treatment is the best option for you, keep reading and we will tell you why.


Do you know why you grind your teeth?

There are several reasons why this happens, let’s see the more common. 

  • Stress and anxiety are part of the reasons why this occurs.
  • It can even be due to family inheritance, that inheritance that nobody wants.
  • Excessive consumption of cigarettes, alcohol or even coffee can alter your nervous system and cause you to grind your teeth during sleep.

However, it is proven that people who suffer from teeth grinding are mostly those with misaligned denture and bite problems.

When the denture is not aligned correctly, the pressure that is exerted on the surface of the teeth is not distributed correctly.

This uneven distribution of pressure in the teeth causes the teeth to not fit together nicely and can even irritate the joint responsible for jaw movement.


Consequences of teeth grinding

Many of the people who grind their teeth suffer from headaches, earaches or when biting, all of these generate discomfort but there are even worse consequences.

Your teeth could suffer fractures due to friction and pressure between them.

If you grind your teeth too hard you might even lose them. Your dental restorations could be damaged.

The consequences of Teeth grinding go beyond just your teeth, it also causes headaches and earaches and can even disrupt your sleep patterns.

Invisalign treatment is designed not only to correct the shape of your teeth and create a perfect smile, but it is also responsible for correcting the functionality of your bite.

Invisalign corrects the occlusion when the teeth are not aligned properly, this will allow your teeth grinding to be less severe or even disappear.

Can you get Invisalign if you grind your teeth

Aligners vs Teeth Grinding

One of the most common concerns among patients is that teeth grinding will damage their aligners.

It is true that teeth grinding will cause additional wear on your aligners, but the fact that they are replaced every two weeks means that there is never any significant wear on our aligners.

There are extreme cases of teeth grinding where the wear on the aligners will come before the change to the new set.

When this occurs, your orthodontist should order an additional pair of aligners for each set, at least while Invisalign helps correct your bite and mitigate teeth grinding.

Can I use my mouthguard during my Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment is designed to correct your teeth, so your teeth will be in constant movement during treatment, so the use of your mouthguard is not compatible with Invisalign.

But you should not worry, your aligners will not only take care of the imperfections in your teeth, but they will also fulfill the role of your mouthguard during the night, so you will not need them.

What will happen with my teeth grinding after my Invisalign treatment is finished?

Most of the patients after finishing their Invisalign treatment and having corrected their bite problems, will have a considerable improvement in their teeth grinding and even for many it will be a thing of the past.

However, if at the end of the treatment there are still teeth grinding problems, the night retainers that should be used at the end of Invisalign to consolidate the position of the teeth, will fulfill the function of your night guard.

Retainers will give you protection like what your aligners gave you during treatment.

If you still have questions about Invisalign treatment and if you can use it if you grind your teeth or suffer from any other pathology, do not hesitate to contact us.

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